Question: What is the difference between 1 license and 3 licenses?


Answer: A license is how many times you may complete an exam. For individual purchases this means that a buying 1 license will allow you to take the exam 1 time with a full week to review the exam after completion. Purchasing 3 licenses will allow you to take the exam up to 3 times. If your exam is coming up soon the 1 license price will work best while the 3 license price is for more long-term study.


Question: Can I take the exam again after I finish?


Answer: Yes. If you would like to retake the exam you can contact us at customersupport@healsreivew.com or send us a message through our contact us page and we'll be able to review your account and add licenses to your account. You won't be able to add additional licenses unless an exam has first been completed and the one week review period has ended. 


Question: What discounts do you offer?


Answer: Bookstores receive a 20% discount on all workbooks. For instructors and programs we offer discounts off the listed prices for all of our exams based on size of the program and how you would be using it for your classes. Schools may also qualify for a discount if they would like to pay by credit card opposed to purchase order. Please contact us if you wish to receive more information on these discounts or would like a quote.


Question: Do you accept purchase orders?


Answer: Yes, we accept purchase orders. You may purchase the exams offline with a purchase or credit card by calling us at 888-558-4003. For schools and bookstores we accept purchase orders, check, or credit card. The only requirement is that an instructor account be created so that we may attach the exams to your account after the order has been placed. If you are an individual not associated with a school, an individual account will be required to access the exams online after purchase.


Question: If I order a workbook, how long will it take for me to receive it?


Answer: All workbook orders are shipped within 48 hours of the purchase date. The average time for delivery is between 4-7 business days if you choose UPS ground. 


Question: How can I enable explanations and answers in the exam?


Answer: Once you have purchased a license to take an exam you will be able to adjust how you. To enable explanations and answers just click the "Explanation and Answer" option in the features tab. You will now be able to view them when taking the exam. This feature is only available for individual and instructor accounts. The only exams that do not contain explanations are the Radiography exams. 


Question: Can I resume the exam if I'm unable to finish within the time limit?


Answer: Yes. Once you have purchased a license to take an exam you will be able to adjust how you take the exam. By enabling the "Resume the exam" options from the features tab you will be able to enter and exit the exam at any time and your time will stop allowing you to resume from that point at a later time. If you disable this feature, the timer in the exam will continue to run even if you exit the exam. This is best used for individuals who want a realistic testing experience or schools who would like to give a stricter test.


Question: What is the difference between individual, instructor and student accounts?


Answer: The individual and instructor accounts have access to some of the same features for each exam such as the "Resume the exam" and "Explanations and Answers" features, but the instructor account has separate discounted pricing, features, and ability to add and control student accounts. The student accounts are limited access accounts that are controlled by the instructors account. Instructors will invite students to take the exams and they will only be able to take an exam once the instructor has attached a license to their student account from the instructor dashboard.

Instructor Account

Question: What features are available to me as an instructor?


Exam Features


1. Answers inside exam: Allow the student to see their answer right away providing instant feedback. Explanations will also be shown if the exam contains them.


2. Resume the Exam: If this feature is enabled the student will not be able to stop the timer once the exam starts. This is best used for graded exams.


3. Show exam review: This is a post-test feature which would let the student access the exam after completion.


4. Wrong answers only: A feature that only shows the wrong answers to questions the students got wrong on their exam. This is best used for classroom study so the students can try to figure out the correct answer on their own.


5. All exam questions and answers are put into a random order each time they are taken so that no two tests will be identical.


Instructor Features


1. Adjust features for the exams


2. Unlimited licenses per student


3. Manage licenses for all students


4. Determine when the students will take the exam


5. Access to a class score and class section score summaries


6. Access to each students individual scores and full exams from the dashboard


Question: Can the students take the exams multiple times?


Answer: Yes, the students will be able to take the exams multiple times at no extra cost. To add additional licenses you can contact us anytime after the students have completed their first exam to add more licenses.


Question: Can I transfer unused licenses or exams to a new class or student?


Answer: Becuase the exams are now purchased per student, you won't be able to transfer unused licenses or exams to a new class or student. 


Question: As an instructor, what are the different ways I can use these exams for my program?


Answer: The web-based program was developed to be used in multiple ways. You can give a more realistic exam by disabling the answers/explanations and resume exam features. This way the student cannot access the answers/explanations inside the exam and if they exit the exam the timer will continue to run. Conversely enabling both features will give a more relaxed and casual test. You can also pick between the features for a mix of relaxed and realistic if you would like. We give you the choice of how you like to give the exam.


Question: How fast will I receive the exams once I've placed the order?


Answer: Once we have received a purchase order we will be able to attach the licenses within 24 hours. If the order is paid by credit card the licenses will be attached within minutes of processing.


Question: How do I administer the exams?


Step 1. Access exams via instructor dashboard


Step 2. Click the 'Invite student' icon next to the class you are inviting them to.


Step 3. Send the student invitations by listing their email. 


Step 4. The student will receiving an email with a link to join the class. Their username and password for signing in as a student on the website will be given in the invitation email. The auto-accept feature can be used to add students to the class without waiting for the student to join the class via email.


Step 5. Once the students have signed up, click 'Exam List' and choose 'Manage License' to add licenses to students who have signed up. 

Technical Support General

Question: Are the online exams compatible with Mac?


Answer: Yes. The web-based exams are compatible with all operating systems and browsers.


Question: Can I view the exam once I have finished?


Answer: Yes. You will be able to view the exam up to 1 week after you finish the exam. After this time you will only be able to see your score.


Question: Why does my score say 0 after i completed all the questions in the exam?


Answer: When taking the test you will need to click the “submit answer” button to fully submit an answer. Not only does this save your question for the score but saves the question in case of an unexpected outage or if you choose to exit the exam and complete it at another time. Even if you didn’t submit the answers the first time through the test, the test won’t actually let you finish until you have submitted all answers, so the only time the 0 score error would occur is if the time has elapsed on the test without any answers being submitted.


Question: Where do I access my exam score or review exam option after the test is completed?


Answer: If you are an individual or instructor who completed the exam, you can access the scores and review functions in the “reports” tab on your dashboard.

Technical Support Instructor Account

Question: How do I access the student’s scores?


Answer: You can access the student’s scores by clicking the “student list” button and choosing “details” next to the student you would like to view the score of. You can also choose to view the class score/section summaries on the tab at the top of this page next to the “manage license” button.


Question: I signed up as an instructor, but it says I’m not able to login?


Answer: Once you have initially signed up as an instructor you will need to wait for the administrator to activate your account. This process usually takes 1-2 days. Once your account have been activated you can login to your instructor account.


Question: A student I invited to the exam has not received the invitation email I sent them. How do I sign them up?